Patio heaters combined with light in one appliance

New at ERANCO: patio heaters and light in one appliance

Under the brand ERANCO, we manufacture the newest generation of patio heaters: the Heat-Light Combination. Our new patio heaters concept is equipped with the unique ERANCO short wave infrared heating element with a life span of no less than 5000 hours. On top of that, these patio heaters can be combined with light. Up to 6.5 meters, we can also custom-produce your patio heaters. Each combination of heaters and light is possible. You ask and we design and manufacture your all-in-one light-and-heating combination for your patio in one and the same appliance with an extra long life span!

heat light combination eranco


Heater and light for your patio: combine to your heart’s content!

The Heat -Light Combination is one of the patio heaters exclusively launched onto the market by ERANCO and available through our ERANCO dealers. According to your wishes, we can also provide a number of options:

  • Standard, the ERANCO Heat-Light Combination is deliverable with a 2x 1500W or 2x 2000W heating and light by means of 3 230V/50W spots or an integrated light bar on which, if desired, we can apply your company’s logo.
  • For the interested, this patio heating and light combination can also be completed with loudspeakers.
  • The ERANCO Heat-Light Combination with a standard length of 2.5 meters is delivered in anodised aluminium.
  • For only a small supplement, you can also opt for another length or RAL colour.
  • Would you like another system than a switch to turn on the heating and light? Then choose for a heat-light combination with remote control. Finally, you can also choose for a power adjustment and/or a dimmer for both the light as well as for the heating.

Whatever you have in mind, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and wishes. Send an e-mail to and we supply you with the brochure and a price list.

Patio heaters with infrared heating elements and light
Always sun on your patio!

In contrast with dark infrared radiation heaters these heaters with a bright infrared radiation are less sensitive to wind. Bright infrared radiation is of the short wave type and has a higher frequency. Although such a radiation is visible and gives more light, its warmth radiation is a lot faster, more intense and at the same time less sensitive to draught and wind. That is why the heat-light combination is the ideal and innovating solution for open air applications, for instance as patio heaters.
Infrared radiation increases the sensation of warmth just as the sun does. That is why ERANCO patio heaters with infrared radiation are so interesting: they do not heat the air temperature, but the objects they irradiate. In this way, the temperature on the skin and on clothing feels a lot warmer compared to the air temperature.

The technical features of the heat-light combination patio heaters

  • Short warming-up time: only 0.2 seconds
  • Employable anywhere
  • High radiation output: 92%
  • Long life span of the lamp: 5000 burning-hours
  • Environment-friendly

The advantages of the ERANCO patio heaters with light

  • Utterly safe, warms only the desired zone, the place where heating is necessary
  • Not bound to a fixed place
  • Directed and immediate warmth
  • Versatile, can be installed anywhere
  • Simple assembly & disassembly
  • Does not cause air displacement
  • Does not produce combustion gases
  • Does not make any sound
  • Has a low energy consumption
  • Does not need maintenance
  • Limited dimensions


  • Ideal for the garden, the patio, the workshop, the bathroom, the garage
  • Heaters for patio and party tents
  • Cafeterias
  • Factories
  • Churches, schools and exhibition spaces
  • Construction sites and building units: painters, bricklayers, plasterers
  • Agrarian sector: operator’s working passages, pigsties

Infrared warmth radiation with a very high warmth output

The heating elements of the short wave infrared Eranco patio heaters are a combination of halogen and quartz. In contrast with quartz, halogen gives immediate and tangible warmth to persons as well as objects, even at a larger distance. The temperature of such elements rises so high, that they also give a lot of light.
The ERANCO patio heaters with  heat-light combination are not to be confused with other electric quartz systems. Thanks to these new technologies, the output of this kind of patio heating combination is extraordinary high. The warmth radiation’s intensity of our infrared patio heating combination is a lot higher than that of traditional quartz or other appliances, resulting in a higher output of up to 92% and lower energy consumption. That is why the heat-light combination is the most economical form of patio heating presently used.

The energy costs of the ERANCO patio heating combination? Surprisingly low!

  • 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) at the peak rate costs about 0.17 euro, VAT and energy taxes included.
  • ERANCO patio heaters with a 2000W potential cost 0.34 euro per working hour (2kWh).
  • A private person sitting on his patio for 100 hours per year while turning on the patio heaters only pays 34 euro for this!
  • For a catering establishment, hotel, restaurant, café… these energy costs are even lower. With this kind of energy consumption, the energy taxes fall under a more advantageous scale at which energy can be bought at a more economic rate.

Why still being in doubt?

The ERANCO Heat-Light combination,

  • is THE innovative heating system for indoors and outdoors!
  • only warms there where it is necessary!
  • has a high thermal capacity!
  • is the most economic and direct heating with a high money-saving possibility!

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