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Space Heater Eranco

New at ERANCO: the infrared Space Heater

The innovative ERANCO Space Heater is an efficient electric heater based upon a short wave infrared warmth radiation that can be applied indoors and outdoors. In contrast with most other appliances on the market, you can place the Space Heater horizontally as well as vertically without diminishing the extremely long life span of 5000 burning-hours. The ERANCO Space Heater belongs to the newest generation of heaters ERANCO designs and produces on its own account. They are exclusively available through the ERANCO dealers.

Infrared heater: more warmth and less light reflection

This heater has a high-grade stainless steel reflector with which an optimal diffusion of the infrared rays and the highest possible warmth output are attained. The built-in RVS mirror withstanding higher temperatures than aluminium provides higher radiation intensity over a larger radiation distance.
Due to the higher temperature, the mirror discolours so that the interfering light is less reflected. However, this has no diminishing effect on the infrared warmth radiation’s reflection.

Space Heater Eranco

The ERANCO Space Heater and its possible options

  • The ERANCO Space Heater is standard available with a capacity of 1500W or 2000W.
  • The housing is made out of anodised neutral aluminium and for a small supplement available in every RAL colour.
  • Thanks to the durable isolation, the housing’s surface temperature remains limited so that the infrared heater can be applied on all kinds of materials provided the safety distances and the applicable safety measures are observed.
  • Standard, the Space Heater is equipped with the newest ERANCO IR GOLD lamp as the heating element guaranteeing a much higher colour fastness than other similar products.
  • The heater can be placed horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Thanks to the included wall bracket, you can simply attach the ERANCO Space Heater to a wall or to the ceiling. A tripod also belongs to the possibilities. For installation on a sunshade, special brackets can be requested.
  • The Space Heater is also deliverable as the Heat Light Combination, an ideal combination of warmth and light which can be put under awnings, on a patio or in other spaces.

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A heater giving a warmth feeling like rays of sunshine

As it is impossible to influence the real outdoor temperature, other means to warm ourselves in a colder open-air environment need to be looked for. Short wave infrared warmth rays that feel like rays of sunshine are the appropriate solution for this.
Infrared warmth waves increase the sensation of warmth just like the sun. That is why the Space Heater with infrared radiation is so interesting: it does not only warm the air temperature, but also the objects it irradiates. That is why the temperature on the skin and your clothing feels a lot warmer than the air temperature.
The high frequency of the infrared radiation makes these appliances less vulnerable to wind and draught. With the Space Heater you do not have to spend hours and hours looking for that ideal draught- and wind-proof spot.

The specific characteristics of the Space Heater

  • Short warming-up time: only 0.2 seconds
  • Employable everywhere
  • High radiation return: 02%
  • Long life span of the lamp: 5000 burning-hours
  • Environment-friendly

All the advantages of the ERANCO Space Heater in a row

  • Utterly safe heater
  • Only warms the area or place where heating is necessary
  • Very light and easy to move
  • Directed and immediate warmth
  • Versatile; can be installed anywhere
  • Simple assembly & disassembly
  • Horizontal and vertical placing possible
  • Does not cause air displacement
  • Does not produce combustion gasses
  • Does not make any sound
  • Has a low energy consumption
  • Does not need maintenance
  • Limited dimensions

To be employed optimally for diverse applications

An electric heater that comes in handy in every situation and at each moment:

  • Patios, gardens and party tents
  • Outdoor smoker’s areas
  • Indoor and outdoor showers
  • Toilets, bathrooms, dressing rooms
  • Underneath an awning, behind wind screens
  • Mountain huts
  • In spas and swimming pools

Space Heater Eranco

A very high warmth output thanks to infrared radiation

The heating elements of the short wave infrared Space Heater are a combination of halogen and quartz. In contrast with quartz, halogen gives immediate and sensible warmth on persons as well as objects, and this even at a larger distance. The temperature of such elements is so high that they even radiate light.

The ERANCO Space Heater cannot be confused with the other electric quartz systems. The innovative technologies provide an extraordinary high warmth output. The warmth radiation’s intensity of such an infrared heater is a lot higher than that of traditional quartz and other kinds of appliances, resulting in a higher output of 92% and lower energy consumption. That is why the Space Heater, just like the Heat Light Combination, is the cheapest form of heater which can presently be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Space Heater Eranco

The energy costs of the ERANCO Space Heater? Surprisingly low!

  • 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) at the peak rate costs about 0.17 euro, VAT and energy taxes included.
  • A heater with a capacity of 2000W costs 0.34 euro per burning-hour (2 kWh).
  • A private person sitting on his patio for 100 hours per year while turning on the patio heater only pays 34 euro for this!
  • For a catering establishment, hotel, restaurant, café… these energy costs are even lower. With this kind of energy consumption, the energy taxes fall under a more advantageous scale, by which energy can be bought at a more economic rate.

Why still being in doubt?

The ERANCO Space Heater,

  • is THE innovative heating system for the indoors as well as the outdoors!
  • only warms there where it is necessary!
  • has a high thermal capacity!
  • is the most economic and direct heating with a large money-saving effect!

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