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Welcome to our renewed website where you will find information about diverse electric heating systems.
As manufacturer of electric heaters known under the brand ERANCO, registered in all European countries, and importer of various electric heating systems, we offer you a range of products for numerous heating applications. Wherever possible, we present you a solution with our standard products. For more specific applications a customized answer can always be offered as well.

Infrared heater * Eranco Space Heater

Space Heater Eranco

New at ERANCO: the infrared Space Heater

The innovative ERANCO Space Heater is an efficient electric heater based upon a short wave infrared warmth radiation that can be applied indoors and outdoors. In contrast with most other appliances on the market, you can place the Space Heater horizontally as well as vertically without diminishing the extremely long life span of 5000 burning-hours. The ERANCO Space Heater belongs to the newest generation of heaters ERANCO designs and produces on its own account. They are exclusively available through the ERANCO dealers.

Patio heaters combined with light in one appliance

New at ERANCO: patio heaters and light in one appliance

Under the brand ERANCO, we manufacture the newest generation of patio heaters: the Heat-Light Combination. Our new patio heaters concept is equipped with the unique ERANCO short wave infrared heating element with a life span of no less than 5000 hours. On top of that, these patio heaters can be combined with light. Up to 6.5 meters, we can also custom-produce your patio heaters. Each combination of heaters and light is possible. You ask and we design and manufacture your all-in-one light-and-heating combination for your patio in one and the same appliance with an extra long life span!

heat light combination eranco

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